Join us for free screening of 'This Is Home: A Refugee Story'

19 December 2018
Join us for free screening of 'This Is Home: A Refugee Story' Alexandra Shiva / Gidalya Pictures

Fewer than 1% of refugees across the globe are approved to resettle in countries like the United States. And though the lucky few who are selected have the chance to rebuild their lives, beating the odds is just the first of countless challenges they'll face in the process of doing so. 

"This is Home: A Refugee Story" follows four of Syrian families as they embark on the arduous first months of resettlement in Baltimore. Though the families have escaped their wartorn homeland, their new lives come with an incredible number of difficulties, including adjusting to an unfamiliar culture, learning basic English, finding employment, and coping with the trauma they've experienced.

Utah Health & Human Rights, in partnership with the Utah Film Center, is hosting a free screening of the award-winning Sundance documentary, followed by a panel discussion with local refugees and the professionals who work with them. The event will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 8, at the Salt Lake City Public Library, located at 210 E. 400 South. 

During the panel discussion, refugees and UHHR employees who work with them will share their thoughts on the initial resettlement process, as well as the challenges and triumphs that follow it. For more information, visit the film's website or watch the trailer below. We hope to see you there.