We're moving to a new office in February

16 January 2019

We are excited to announce Utah Health & Human Rights will be moving to a new location soon!

While we have enjoyed our time in downtown Salt Lake City, our new building in Murray will offer a wide range of benefits to clients, donors, and volunteers. The new location comes with a huge parking lot, has more space, and is closer to most of our clients' homes.

We will also be sharing the space with the English Skills Learning Center — an awesome organization that provides free ESL classes to immigrants and refugees.

Though the exact date of our move is still subject to change, it will likely happen the week of Feb. 15. Our new office is located at 650 E. 4500 South, Suite 220.

We are in need of some help with the move, if you'd like to get involved.

If you're interested in helping us pay for professional movers, moving items in your truck, or packing and unpacking boxes, or donating office furniture please reach out to our volunteer coordinator, Madeleine Homer, at or 801-494-5432.

From this point until our move, we will also put a temporary hold on accepting in-kind donations. Unless we've already spoken with you to arrange a drop-off, please give us a few weeks before you bring in donations. We're trying to simplify the moving process as much as possible.

We can't wait for you all to see our new space and participate in this exciting transition alongside us.