4 Days of Giving - Christine's Story


From November 16-19, Utah Health & Human Rights is sharing stories of healing, resilience, and hope. We are highlighting the impact that our programs have for clients — the path from personal and family healing to community involvement and reconnecting with a feeling of purpose and strength. 

Please consider donating to support these valuable programs during 4 DAYS OF GIVING as Utah Health & Human Rights aims to raise $15,000 during our virtual fundraiser. Your donation will be matched by an anonymous donor to have double, and maybe even triple, the impact.

Christine's Story

Christine has been a client at UHHR since 2016. She has received many UHHR services over the past 5 years, but it was the knitting group that really transformed her life and brought her the community she needed to heal. Our knitting group began in 2016 as a way for women to spend time together, learn or revive a skill, feel a sense of purpose, and build a community of support, friendship, laughter, and to connect with others who truly understand each other’s trauma and experience. It has evolved over the years to include sewing, needlework, crochet, and even English skills.

Watch the story of Christine and her knitting group in the video below, directed by Laura Nix and supported by Take Care and The Healthy US Collaborative.




Survivor's Story from The Healthy US Collaborative on Vimeo.



With your help, Utah Health & Human Rights can continue connecting survivors to communities that enrich their lives and support their healing. These community groups focus on learning and sharing skills, various activities for social engagement, and therapy.

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