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Since 2003, Utah Health and Human Rights has significantly expanded its mission and services. Today, UHHR is the only organization in Utah to provide co-located and highly-specialized mental health, medical, legal, and case management services to refugees and asylum seekers who have survived torture and severe war trauma.

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UHHR’s  “one-stop, wrap-around" program model affirms the widely held belief that survivors of human rights abuses benefit most from low-barrier, integrated services. UHHR’s Torture and Severe War Trauma Treatment Program helps improve physical and mental health, encourages social integration, and assists survivors in becoming self-sufficient.

Training and Outreach

Utah Health and Human Rights also provides training and consultation to community members and professionals statewide including medical providers, religious leaders, educators, mental health therapists, and refugee mutual assistance organizations.

Our statewide capacity building program helps individuals and government agencies identify victims of torture and improve the overall quality and efficacy of refugee assistance in Utah. Our presentations draw on the latest national and international research regarding effective service delivery and cultural competency, trends in torture rehabilitation, and the impact of trauma on families and children.

UHHR is a member of the National Consortium of Torture Treatment Programs and serves on its board of directors.


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What Our Clients Say

“I know I will be able to take care of myself and my family because I am getting good help.”